Cook like a Country girl, dress like a City girl, sex like a Island girl.. Single because I'd rather chase my dreams than to chase these men..

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I hate a thief/robber worse than anything.. Bih I work hard for mine and you think you gine take it in 15 minutes.. Nah

I would but Im almost out of Coke. Its only enough for abt 3 drinks..


Abt to try to make/cook something Im sure thats going to be interesting... LoL..

Oh snap just reminded me ==>

Im the perfect girl to have.. I can't do any wrong..

Erin Renea never smiles... #RudeGirl

My younger cousin ....

My brother 1st oldest son .... He is almost 22 now..

My brother 3rd oldest son .. He's 19 now... #TimeFlies

F you.. Atleast I had hair, but you, cant say the same

2002 Prom... That dress would have been dope if I had titties... All my life I had to fight :-(

This is my big cuz

Me as a kid... 1st Grade it is :-)

Look at my younger cousin when she was a kid..

I saw this and died.. n ... People be taking it too far on FB tho.. LmAo..

": You can have that. RT : eating ass > bacon" /

Bug eye Diors to help hide my bushy eyebrows.. LoL...

Yall seen this yet.?. Friggin ridiculous. SmH..

I was going through old boxes and found this... So I guessed he cared afterall....