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Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while,; you might miss it... F. Bueller

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You-know-who, making proud!

Macgyver's lesser known, less creative 3rd cousin runs a smaller construction game...

Cool numberplate!

Feasibly the coolest place I've ever had coffee at. Sensational!

My last day, and an old friend has dropped by the shop. I miss her!

One of my team did this by hand and just gave it to me as a leaving present! Pretty chuffed!

WHO Vs. Werdrum? Lack of respect and research there.

I saw this in Harrods, London, today. I'm wondering if is getting royalties on such a flash range...

The bar has been raised to insane heights. Bloody insane. We stumbled on to this in a London laneway.

Erica has left me for the new love in her life!

Spotted this today. If you know what it is you'll be gobsmacked. If you think it's just a motorbike, take up knitting instead.

Holy shit! HOW MUCH for 750ml of alcohol?!?

New kicks! F*#k yeah, doggy!

It's no GSXR1000, , but geez it's FUN!!

Somehow I have to turn this $20,000+ pile of rubber into a better display...FML

Every moto...counts?!?

Every moto...counts?!?

So, how cool is your lunchbox? Is it Madagascar cool? Mine is! (I'm such a child at heart)

How do the Diggers feel about marching on their own?

I have NO idea WTF has happened here. L Plate roadmarking course?!?

There's a bunch of maniacs at the Mont 24hr MTB race. I can't find @TeamQuon in all this!

There's a bunch of maniacs at the Mont 24hr MTB race. I can't find in all this!