Traffic reporter for KCBS in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll Tweet pictures from my perch high above...and maybe even some wisdom.

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If you're heading into #SanFrancisco today, expect it to be kinda beautiful:

Wow! And here's the view looking towards #MtDiablo:

Clouds are covering the bay area, here's what it looks like from above:

Oh #Candlestick, you never looked so festive. #SF49ers

You can see the inversion layer protecting you from this 80° heat up here at 2000ft.

From the #BayBridge, we see the sun just popping over #MtDiablo

If you are up right now, you are up before the sun...

Who littered on our ballpark? Hope it's cleaned up before the #SFGiants get home.

You can see that famous bridge a little better now, the fog is burning off:

Can you find the world famous bridge in this picture?

I caught the sun just beginning to peek over the peak of #MtDiablo...good morning!

People ate back to work with summer holiday season over, students are back in school...of course it's a perfect beach day!

It's been a long time since its been this clear in the morning, looks to be a great day.

What's that!?! Oh yah, the's WAY clear this morning

Still some fog off the coast, but it's really turning into a beautiful day:

I just flew over Facebook headquarters.... Is that a QR code painted on the roof?

This is what it looked like as soon as we climbed on top of the clouds:

Visibility a bit better from the #SanRamonValley but still very cloudy over most of the bay area

The view from Sky 1...

The fog line stretches out to the #GoldenGateBridge: