Traffic reporter for KCBS in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll Tweet pictures from my perch high above...and maybe even some wisdom.

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#SanFrancisco at #sunrise -

Sunrise behind #MtDiablo

The sun is beginning burn through the light fog over the Fremont salt marshes:

#Endeaver is in the Bay Area!, just did this low fly by of hayward. Can't believe how close we got!

The view of #SanFrancisco and #GoldenGateBridge through the haze

Just an hour ago there were plenty of vista it's plenty crowded at the #GoldenGateBr #Endeaver

You can see some people already gathering along the trails... Setting up for a space shuttle sighting

This new ProHDR app might be too slow for airplane shots. Note two peaks on the pyramid. Opinions?

There's going to be a Space Shuttle here in a couple more hours!

This pick up truck is atop the center barrier. Two tow trucks facing opposite directions are going to lift it up and off.

The view of the East Bay from #SanFrancisco:

Bizarre.... Sunny over #Alcatraz, cloudy over #SanFrancisco:

The 280 extension...a fire under the King St. Off ramp, street cleaning on the 6Th St on ramp...sheesh!

It's not exactly conducive to traffic reporting, but it sure is pretty on this side of the clouds:

Hey, a Disney cruise ship is in #SanFrancisco:

I'm in the overcast above #Berkeley, but we can see the sun simmering off Angel Island and #Tiburon:

I'm over #Rodeo where the sun is just peeking below the overcast:

It's a grey say in #SanFrancisco

Huh.... Like a ship out of water

The #Athletics are in the middle of a playoff race, but this is happening anyway. #NoMoreBleachers