Traffic reporter for KCBS in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll Tweet pictures from my perch high above...and maybe even some wisdom.

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No sunrises, no bay shots this week. Guess where I am this week?

Or the other most beautiful construction sight in the world, your new Bay Bridge:

The brand new Doyle Drive...not ready yet.

Better...but still not quite right. Home if the world champion "Cal" Giants?

29 days, 10 hours and 9 minutes until first pitch! I'm starting to see a diamond take shape, but it still doesn't scream spring:

My office view right now:

The new bridge, the old bridge and a brand new day:

The storm isn't supposed to hit before tomorrow, but it looks awfully menacing just beyond out Golden Gate:

36 days, 8 hours, 58 minutes until first pitch of the season according to my countdown app, and the #athletics still have a ways to go:

What does rain look like? I'm over the Bay Bridge looking into a rain cell over downtown Oakland.

I'm up in the clouds over the bay bridge, but look who's peeking out:

My view a's we are landing...pardon my propeller:

I guess airborne traffic reporters in 1931 had no bridge here to report traffic on. Poor them...

I still get giddy with anticipation when the big rigs start lining up at the coliseum... Anyone know what concert?

file this under #ReasonToWakeUpEarly

Air Force One just flew over us. (But the President is tweeting that Sky 1 just flew under him):

A near full moon seen just behind San Francisco a's seen 3000 feet above Oakland:

If this view is gloomy, you know it's a gloomy day:

Happy Valentines day... From Cupid lane in San Bruno!

I'm over San Francisco looking towards the Silicon Valley. Yup, it's gonna be one of these days, beautiful!