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Crappy photo but that's a dog in between the two people and yes its wearing a Braves hat.

How long has Bubbles from The Wire been in the NFL?

This chain was on that boat in Goonies.

This is all my grandma has.....rolling the dice. #yolo

Didn't realize Adam Corolla strikes for the US national team.

That ESPN John Clayton commercial was the best one I've seen yet.

Keep your phones off and pop your beers at the correct moments. Thank you and enjoy the movie.

The wife brought me home a present. Locking in here soon, then seeing Lawless. #hotstart

Pretty easy selection for Royals "fan of the game".

What would you do if your dogs did this to your couch? I wouldn't be taking a picture of them.

I waited all morning to hit up ESPN's soccer transfer blog. This is what I get. #F

Why on earth do you need a head band? #torres

Wayne Rooney's leg just opened up. Gnarly.

Not sure what to think of this haircut.

Put a baseball, phat chains and the hood in a blender and here's you final product. >>>>>>

The OVER was a bad choice. #royals

How on earth does Twins catcher Joe Mauer have time to star in The Hunger Games?

Time to get tied up.

Helping the boys at Lions Gate get ready for the Midwest Classic.

This is NFL pledgeship.