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Lyndsay driving to the Wyandotte, MI. Poops.

Wearing the most obnoxious shoes I own, today.

Jumping headfirst into Twitter today. Time left for Love by ShoutOutLouds is such a great song. Incoherent babble.

Have you ever seen the movie No Country For Malkin? #redwings #pens #malkin #goofyface

Malkin loves Chunk!! Baby Ruuuth!! Go #Redwings !! #NHL #Malkin

Look what I was playing with. Jealous? One day, Olson. One day.

Yes, he found that Sparkling Grape Juice in a car at work. Yes, that cut on his head is from breaking a 5th over it.

How I do Ramen. #that'showido

AAAAHHH!!! HORROR!!!! No toilet paper. I have a very important choice to make. :(

Is this not circa 1998?

You better make me cum!!!!

Dude. Something awesome just happened on #Firefly and I'm finding out why people love this show. He's psychotic -->

Remember when I starred in that porn back in the 70's? That was gnarly.

90 planes landed. I am now a Pilot. Hope I don't break my yoke! ;) #flightcontrol