Hasn’t anyone ever told you? Life isn’t fair. -Bella Swan.

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Pretty sure Cannes was the best thing to happen to this fandom

My healthy lunch, courtesy of

Really now Grazia, really? Leave RK alone!

on the tube, so sorry for bad quality.

Already have and it looks like this: does that look okay? How can I jazz that up? Ta

View of snow from workplace number 2.

Sienna and Tom in the London paper:

Robert and Kristen in the London Evening Standard tonight:

Adventure Time! C'mon grab your friends!

Thank you Intidex!

Sushi time!

Remember when I met Josh at the SWATH premierrrr and got a pic? D:

Little Raffs blends in with my wallpaper, bless :')

This is what happens when goes offline when I change rooms.

Frank the cat loves the dogs bit o #ITVThisMorning #ThisMorning

He fell asleep n the laptop!

My friend's cat is confused by !

Frank also loves and Kristen!


The cat on the laptop, playing with Twitter.