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The delicious bottled crack that keeps noodles & co running.

Great to know that guard no. 69 will be keeping us safe tonight. #summerfest


Steve is so stoneddd. Too much hash nd Murphy's.

Twinziezz!!! <3

This is why America's fat

Icing all day. No longer wise

Bridge street waterfall always makes cedar creek look like 10 billion pints of fresh stout #thirstyrob #headfoam

Time to do #nasT

RIP Sadie. I miss you already too, girl.

First disc golf of the year was a good one. Result: awesome bra-line tan. #idontevenbra

Made a perfect Brownie in a mug with the microwave. #college

The #veishea life.

Got sipping on dat tropical sunshine #veishea #rum&dew

Cashier's face and expression when she told me my order number was priceless. She was really cute too.

I was inspired by your twitpic #trendsetter

Eating ulmen at the Korean restaurant <3 u

The infamous lawnmower-stop sign #walkswithb├╝ser

Great way to finish off St paddy's. Corned beef boxty, Guinness. Goodnight and joy be with you all #partingglass

Ummm spring break?