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Computer nerd, gamer, furry and just overall goofball. Enjoying his life with @kajidraolf Warning, may contain derp.

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Risk 2210 A.D. I am sooo screwed lol

Booze! At a awesome local party

OMG they sell these at the vending machines at work now

Daww cat nap :D

Needed a place to put them all, so I made a hanging wall of badges

We have floor *gasp*

Gah place is a mess, but I'm happy to be in a place of our own. Yay privacy! *naked dances* lol :D

I has fursuit thread! Now just waiting on the fur to arrive. *yip*

Picked up something new while we were out at the coast

Time for some yurt camping woo! Going to keep my phone access down over the weekend.

Another trip to home depot. Guess the intended use and win a prize *chuckle*

Wow ... Just wow

Yay foods mmm

And more cuteness

You cannot resist the cuteness

Yay warmth from campfire

The guys at work are up to their shenanigans again lol

Yup I work with nerds alright or at least some silly people

Yay build-a-bear uhh wolf lol.

Mmm spam musubi, yeah I know it's more traditional to be in a "sandwich" style, but I prefer rolls...