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Computer nerd, gamer, furry and just overall goofball. Enjoying his life with @kajidraolf Warning, may contain derp.

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Wash hands, receive pasta?

Woo birthday boy with a funny hat

Work building structure is being redone to be more earthquake safe

Random frighteningly cute husky plush, oh god them eyes XD

I love our break room lol

UPS strikes again

Yay new tails finished. Quite a bit smaller then my original. Mostly for outside of suit

OMG our Jo-Anne's now has heavy duty gutermann!!!

Jello shots get, think I have enough? XD

Lol wut?

I love the passive agressive break room notes lol

i don't get it *headtilts*

Yay done making my new paws!

I was really bored, so I took some fur scraps (tumors as called em) and made a furry tail/weiner thing lol

Anyone need a hair piece? There is fursuit fur everywhere!

First major booboo with this project.

back half done woot, oh god hand cramp lol

let's try this way then =p

I send you all the cute!

Hey fuuuuurrrrrrrr. Hehe just got my package of swatches too.