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How a Bill Gates Handshake Caused Controversy in South Korea -

getting a weird iCal bug forcing alerts on me 1454 minutes before an event. at least I'm well prepared:

it turns out that big cats like boxes too (via Reddit):

just realised that my rather derogatory Yahoo Mail story image got syndicated to Yahoo Finance:

this is what the US' heavily militarized police force is made for. Oh, and crushing Occupy Wall Street dissent:

this Chicago sinkhole is hungry... omnomnom... #GIF -

trying out new 'Twitter #Music'. apparently this is the music i tweeted about recently:

Is it just me, or is copy-paste now horribly broken in Chrome (27.0.1453.56 beta)? and what's that pop-up thingy?

weird: Man Made Frozen Waterfall from Hot Water Tap Left on all Winter -

i like the look of new app. would replace Path/Facebook with it, but not instead of WeChat:

i want this electric toilet at home: #GIF

(via Reddit) well, that explains the lack of unicorns:

pretty amazing-> In pictures: Ultra-light material - pic:

oh look, it's onstage at #StartupAsia pitching SocialAgent. 加油!

(via Reddit) a cat plays Fruit Ninja on iPad - i hope it has been de-clawed! #GIF -

(from G+) this is magnetic paste. science is awesome, but sometimes creepy! #GIF -

rly cool that Google Translate now works offline. the full Chinese-language pack is 160MB:

Seems that "ungoogleable" is trending again thanks to Google's objection to it!

North Korea's “new” military tech doesn't look too scary (WaPo -

if anyone wants it, this is the lulz-worthy #GIF that Anonymous just used in those CN gov site hacks: