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very passionate about Chris Evans.

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I missed this weirdo

I've ate a bowl of cereal today before this. it is 11pm. but yet,

I don't think billboard & mtv are aware nobody doubted who the song's about... & that's my queue to get back to work.

last year I was pissed when my Eng101 class ended up being based on sports writing... and now I've come full circle

sometimes I question my lifestyle choices


my dad got the same keurig as me. except his is black. he's convinced it's better

touching the middle word of the ios8 predictive texting has been a real eye opener. this is what I sound like?

a few days ago Devyn decided she wanted to play with coffee filters

Keith Sparkles is super cute though

buzzfeed brought up the Ariana grande thing again... so beware


just now looking at all the selfies Nadia took over the weekend

the kids' reactions to me showing up at home were the BEST

did the Life word search while on the phone with my sister


pandora, please stop throwing me shade

the saddest text I've gotten all day

probably the most interesting request I've seen buzzfeed ask the public...

this treasure island deck had a five of spades instead of a six.... so I fixed it.