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ISBN # 0-07-033886-8, published 1976 for Weekly Reader Children's Book Club by McGraw-Hill.

  • 857 days ago via site
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Got up at 4:00 this morning to be sure I could get this shot :)

  • 865 days ago via site
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B4 sunrise as I headed upstairs my heart heard the tiny whisper of a visitor, seen here w 1/4" screw head :)

  • 866 days ago via site
  • 65

My 12th or 13th b-day, definitely Panther Creek--I cropped out the other person in the photo.

  • 888 days ago via site
  • 29

I have no idea exactly what year this one was. Will be sending you originals :)

  • 888 days ago via site
  • 28

is this the right stuff 4 the lion chair? Only other kind I found so far is stain/scratch fill.

  • 888 days ago via site
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No more falcon nests. No more osprey gymnastics. No more birdwatching from the PT pool. I HATE THIS DAY.

  • 898 days ago via site
  • 55

I fucking HATE the sound of chainsaws, even when I know they r a necessity. Freak wind gust took ANOTHER tree :(

  • 920 days ago via site
  • 39

Not the sharpest ever, but it's not easy to photo-ninja these guys in thick foliage from my desk!

  • 935 days ago via site
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So far this is the most popular of the garden pics from Tiny Farm that I've shown anyone :)

  • 935 days ago via site
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One of the hot spots I found on the scorched maybe 1/4 acre before I dumped dirt on it. Smoke trails to the left.

  • 959 days ago via site
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Our turkey seems a little habituated to humans (this was shot from maybe 40 feet) but is still definitely wild :)

  • 959 days ago via site
  • 43

I do have a GREAT seat for 3 firework shows!

  • 959 days ago via site
  • 40

Found this lil guy by my front door, not sure about that left wing, got him 2 a rehabber & hoping 4 the best!

  • 961 days ago via site
  • 79

The site of my latest rockhounding adventure; after flood season the shrubs will be several feet above water.

  • 994 days ago via site
  • 64

Photo life lister! Missed every shot while driving, got some dim rainy day pix and today THIS :)

  • 1007 days ago via site
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And this is what I traded the staurolite for: my 1st seraphinite, a treasure found on just 1 Siberian peninsula.

  • 1007 days ago via site
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I've had this thing for years--don't remember when or where I got it, but now it's off to find a better home :)

  • 1007 days ago via site
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Not sure what this is, other than heavy, dense, smooth, and opaque white with lav-grey translucence.

  • 1013 days ago via site
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A charcoal-greenish river cobble, probably granite, with several large crystals showing a feldspar flash.

  • 1013 days ago via site
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