Arsenal FC, shoes, food, writing and walking into things. Lots of all of this, yet little else.

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Made myself a little throne.

Mother's footwear for the match. Toasty!

Grandad Billy, 16/10/17 - 07/12/05... The Original Gooner! xxx

21 you absolute bastard.

Evie, me and friends, Florida, July 2001. Oh to be 12 and awkward again!

Artwork by , my homework planner, 2002.


A little-known #EboueFact... He writes on walls.

For #Arsenal

Rediscovered my (possibly nicked) 3D cinema specs. So it seems I'm not cool enough to look good in Wayfarers.

And it can't be opened til Xmas Day. Backsides.

Yaaaaaaay. :-|

Me. Chubmonster to the max. :D

Mummy and Daddy back in the day. Mum'll kill me for this. Hope she's drunk when she gets home.

Ah babes. You're not anal. Just wrong. :)

Jim-jams and sock banta.

The world would be brighter and funnier and tastier if I owned these.

Meanwhile, this was my Uni at half 4 today.

Aw man I thought it said "perfect banter"! Was gonna say all you need's a David!