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I might be a Bunny, but I have a Sharp Tongue, a Quick Wit, and a Mean Pole Dance.

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Where does #ferrisbueller go next? CSE closed to public, but I do not fail! Epic story continues tomorrow #shybundayoff

One last great shot from Skydeck b4 my next stop. Btw where was the "Save Shybun" campaign? #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Another "ledge" pic from 103rd fl. Much cuter pic. You think #ferrisbueller could talk Cameron into this? #shybundayoff

Too bad #ferrisbueller, cameron, and sloane didn't have "The Ledge." No checkin out the goods from below. #shybundayoff

In case you wanted to know, 1353 ft is 103 floors and this many steps (or a 60 sec ride). #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

#shybundayoff continues! Like #ferrisbueller, I made it to the top! "Anything is peaceful from 1353 feet." There's more

Almost there! Best #ferrisbueller redo in history, #shybundayoff, to continue. You'll never believe what's up nxt!

On my way to stop 1: SkyDeck. Seems big to me; I'm a small bun. Big city downtown.... #ferrisbueller #shybunsdayoff

No AlanRuck. No Ferrari. Question isn't what are we going to do; question is what AREN'T we going to do. To be continued

Nxt scene: Ferris in shower, using handheld. Woo hoo! #ferrisbueller #shybunsdayoff

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener... actually, I'm more a dunut bun myself. #hotdogsanddonuts

Life moves pretty fast. If u don't stop & look around once in awhile, you might just miss it.

Ratatouille break! Ms Goss makes the best! U shud get some if in Chitown. #westtowntavern #chillgrill

How could I have possibly been expected to handle life on a day like this? #ferrisbueller #shybundayoff #chicago

Pulled off the single best #ferrisbuellersdayoff in history. Here's my journey, starting w/the clammy hands trick.

Using clammy palms trick. Hope it works. Ferris Bueller's got nothin' on ShyBun!