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I might be a Bunny, but I have a Sharp Tongue, a Quick Wit, and a Mean Pole Dance.

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Gotta hop through this place quickly. First, they show you the Hopper.... #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

I need to go to the Art Institute, but this asshole is guarding it. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

11. If I played by the rules, I'd be in gym right now. Hey, batter batter #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

CSE closed to public, but I'm not stopped. W/artistic license, here I am after closing bell #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Tweet 8: "Anything looks peaceful from 1353 feet." I hope no one looked up my tush. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

No Cameron, no cherry red 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Gotta make due. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Any chance to tweet a naked pic in the shower w/handheld. I recall Central Park in fall.... #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

How could I possibly be expected to handle life on a day like that? #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

1 of worst performances of my career & they never doubted it. Key to faking? Lick ur palms. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

now you get how to pronounce shybun? But don't forget my first name: Notso. Here's a photo to remind u

If you've had enough to drink, this is what looks like at her show. Jealous? You know you are...

I caught the foul ball! Epic move! Single best #ferrisbuellerdayoff, evah! Woohoo! Suck my paw, people! #shybundayoff

No #sloanpeterson, no one to propose marriage. So I was off on my own. Life moves fast... #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

One last gratuitous shower scene before we move on. For the fans. A little T, a little A. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

And last I shared, I had made it to stock exchange, even tho it's closed to the public. #shybundayoff cannot be stopped!

And although it was one of my worst performances, I faked sweaty palms. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

To bring you back, Chicago looked like this. How could I be expected to concentrate on a day like this? #shybundayoff

Ding! Closing bell! And stock is way up! Off to next stop in the world's best #ferrisbueller day. #shybundayoff

So how did I visit the #CSE if it's closed to public? Take a look....I continue my epic #shybundayoff! #ferrisbueller

Tiny bun reaches small follower milestone. Thank you, tWarren. For that, you all get a peek! What can I say? I'm a slut.