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I might be a Bunny, but I have a Sharp Tongue, a Quick Wit, and a Mean Pole Dance.

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You mean like this? Heehee

Shakin' my tush @ the #pawpawty! Yeah...git it, girl...u kno u got it...shake it, bun...

We can seek into some museums. Did you see my pics during my #FerrisBueller day off?

Glad to hear the FBI is on the case. Those were supposed to be private pictures between #ScarJo and myself. So upset...

This bun gets around! It was so hot tho, I had to take off my fur. I did NOT photograph that, you pervs. Go, Yanks!

I'm with you, Sandy and Andy: Bring it, Bitch! #bunnyvsIrene

I'm ready for this bitch! R u guys safe? Keep dry! #bunnyvsirene

feel free to use part of my party favor if u need!

I'm ready. Bring it, Bitch! #bunniesvsIrene

Now THAT'S my kind of party favor! Happy 10th Birthday, You-Know-Who!

You still here? Then you get a gratuitous partially nude shot. And...scene. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Be the Bueller in your life, not the Rooney chasing after someone else. Chicka chicka! #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

21.There was no parade, but "danke schoen" John Hughes for letting me see "something good." #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Could I get a little Dream Academy playing in the background, please?

A little bit closer now; a little bit closer now; a little bit closer now #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

18. A Sunday Afternoon. Just need a little Dream Academy playing in the background. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

I am the tiny little speck at the bottom, waiting to be kissed in front of the Chagall. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

Uh oh. Well who leave carrots in the middle of a museum anyway?! Suck my paw, Mr. Farmer. #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

And the Pollock is a fave.... #shybundayoff #ferrisbueller

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