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Look what I got from the rug shop...

All my wonderful friends who I shared the Evita experience with. Check this out. Broke my heart in all the good ways.

Wendy's a-snugglin' on the sofa. X

Are you for real??? Look what I'm watching RIGHT NOW!!!...

Happy to help...

..."hey potential auntie SuperStrall!"

Gonna shut myself away in the movies with the closest thing I can find to a Slush Puppy. #sunsetstripwithdrawal

IM EXACTLY THE SAME!!! But check this out Hun. It'll make you feel better...

This is what a plate of carbs and gravy looks like. This is what a plate of happiness and love juice looks like.

We're having lunch. Can we get a RT ?


So my plans changed quite last minute today and now I can stay here for a while. This is goodness.

Zizi & Jodie shoes. Hashtag dontdrinkandtweet

'Here's to the...' you know the rest.

Just sat on this. Vertically. Youch.

'Oh yes it's ladies night'...

This Morning rehearsal!

Look what I found ...

"...ooh Yeah! Really love someone..." Sorry. Couldn't resist. Actually, I'm not sorry at all...

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