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My face after seeing Blair in that bath scene tho. Lol #SoulEater

#SoulEater Pumpkin House witch Girl Naked in bath = lol

#ExpandToonami So they Could tell us how this Shit Made Any Sense!

#ExpandToonami Or We Gonna Write You In Are Death Note

This is Soooooo true.

The Next Level of Goku!!????!!!!!

You Need This Special PokeBall in Order To Catch a Naruto or A Saskue

I also meant to tell all the #Toonami & #Anime Heads!!!!! IT'S SUPER SAIYAN SATURDAY!!!!!

To All my #GreenLantern & #SoulEater Fans!! Who Ready For The KID!


Who All Ready For This Tomorrow On #Toonami!!!!!!!

O_O Ah!!!!!!!!

This What The Room Looked Liked When All the Poking Was Done.

Lol I'm pretty Sure this Is Messed Up But I Thought It Was Hilarious! LolxD

Terminator Style Tho

This one Made me Laugh so Hard Tho lol

Oh I Got Mine.

I got You!!

This is How Ultimate SpiderMan Should Have Been!!! #Marvel

Either Way!! You KIDS Still Aren't SAFE!!!!