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From Manchester. Boyfriend to Matty. Likes musicals, select comics, democratic socialism and Wispa Gold. Does immigration stuff.

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Pippin was bloody fantastic. Andrea Martin... I have no words. Oh, and then we walked past Orlando Bloom.

Union Square at night is lovely. Also, Whole Foods Market makes me so happy/upset with the UK I might cry

When I saw this in NYC I got a little too excited!

Sicilian pizza of dreams in Downtown Brooklyn

Just met the lovely and the dashing Major Scales after their immense show 'the Vaudevillians'. See it!

Just arrived in NYC and Matty is making himself comfy!

Anyone fancy a nuclear dalek jelly?

Look at my birthday cake from Matty!!! AMAZING

Hi! It's 11 hrs later and all ticket machines at Mcr Airport are STILL down! Clock the queue! Fix plx

Ready for Masque of Anarchy at #MIF. Venue is stunning.

Is it ever wrong to re-post my favourite picture of at a #pride event?

Breakfast of aspiring middle class champions:

View of Almost Famous from Matty's balcony opposite. Bloody hell.

Has an awesome quick sushi dinner with dad. Now back to the books.

There is a 3ft stain on the ceiling of my hotel room in the shape of a condom.

I had no idea Tofu had so many uses

Surely, my people, the Jewish conspiracy has reached it's natural peak?!?!

North West Tonight is not describing this Tory councillor in the kindest terms:

This is my new friend. I have named him Captain Drippy. #hospitalisDULL

Just out of surgery. All went well. Feel like crap :)