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MCRMY 3 JOSDisciple 3 ECHELON 3 I'm a clumsy little bit :P so call me BamBam ;) Too fast to live. Too young to die. Camden Child.

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So wearing this to the gig in january..... <3

I dabble a lil in site modelling and I model for these lovelies so get yo' ass on fb and add them!<3

She loves the Hello Kitty teddy I got her. love Gee :3:3:3 by the way I mished you xoxoxoxoxox

Someone said I look like Lynz in this pic O.o..... Errr nope.

I <3 Nerds

I <3 Nerds

:P seriously love you for this

taa babe love you <3

My sexual elbow :P

It continues...

When I say I get bored...I mean I get bored

Awww...<3 love you Molly Barryy


I've got three of these today just 'cause I'm bored, one of them's covered in lyrics lol

Check out the tiara! #bejelly

My tee is just fucking sexy!! #dealwithit <3

My tiara!!! :D

Check out my new vans!!! :D :D

I think Will likes my bag O.o

Its Prince fucking Charles!!! :O