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An account dedicated to random weird thoughts, especially at 2-4am in the morning. Expect plenty of typos.

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I'm so glad this game exists

I'm completely sold

I already love this game and I want to buy it

how do you glam sis, teach me

well here's a photo

goodnight guys have a picture of a face

goodnight you beautiful anatomy diagram

CHOKES okay I think I should just stop looking through old art and just sleep

here, have another compilation of shitty old art from only two years ago!! I am so disappointed in my old self

it's 3am so fuck it, here, have a picture my shitty digital art attempt from 2008

??????????????? so much for that one hour walkthrough

oh no

okay herrre we gou

creys a river

creys a river

not sure if should post journal entry regarding this

calmly replies with standard answer and statement

I am so done


angry fais

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