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reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, singer Sherrie Lea, human and animal rights activist

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PETESANTILLI is on the run from the information
being sent his way. He had NO idea how much we knew
and now asking him to cover it cause 'he's telling truth whether we like it or not'

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it says Ken Bennett in Israel and sure enough a picture of him there. TYPICAL

  • 851 days ago via site
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Is Obama in these BLack panther leader photo's. He sure looks like them. Two of them look like him. the Little one and the one on the right leaning forward BLACK PANTHERS MADE IN ISRAEL

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strange morph, no?

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And who do you think owns PETA?
Newkirk said she got there EARLY to kill the dogs herself cause she LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH

  • 854 days ago via site
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The best USA of ISRAEL has. MY GOD, FAKE JEWS ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. UGLY as F*CK. No WONDER THEY HATE Us. We're GOD and ANGELS compared to these demonic Garden Gnomes.

  • 868 days ago via site
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drink your fetal juice like a good little GOYIM

  • 868 days ago via site
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why are they calling george zimmerman TODD??

  • 882 days ago via site
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They didnt like this shared either. See the thing is I have hard core exposed the JEW WORLD ORDER and people all over the world are LOVING IT!!! haha!!! EVERYONE hates the FAKE JEWS..kissenger, Queen, Obama is a JEW!!!! YUP. etc.

  • 887 days ago via site
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Obama's skull and bones name is The Undertaker. He's a narcissist beyond compare as well and they LOST it when I took a pic from facebook and added a caption on it. I got locked out after 15 mins. Made a new account and got locked out of that too.

  • 887 days ago via site
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Clintonville Rebecca Schuman huffington post....consider yourself SPOTTED. ANTI SEMITE JEWISH HATE SPREADING DEVIL WORSHIPER...nice swastika's you painted on the wall when you happened to walk by and now write about your impending fame.

  • 908 days ago via site
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who gives a shit about this JEWISH whore. THe Kabbalah is BLood Sex Magic and is the KA BA ANKH egyptian

  • 958 days ago via site
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Rand Beeped Loud thru TSA...weapons of mass destruction.
Brass Balls!

  • 973 days ago via site
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OLD MEN, running the planet into the ground cause of Jealousy of Your youth. Inbreeding in hopes of reincarnating into a similar position. FACT. UGLY OLD WHITE MEN speak for everyone??????? NO FUCKING WAY

  • 974 days ago via site
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Prince philip wished he was a virus to wipe out all mankind and here he sits with the Ministry of defence owned by the queen planning the worlds demise

  • 975 days ago via site
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Jews being lied to by FAKE treasonous Jews. Einstein knew fine well we are getting fucked over with the honey bee. He knew satans agenda.

  • 986 days ago via site
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Look at BUSH the sell out F*CK with Israel and the FAKE JEWS

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Doc & me

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