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Synchronized sleeping

  • 748 days ago via site
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Went to the Kitchen v. Herbert (Utah marriage equality) send-off rally yesterday

  • 808 days ago via site
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Provo City wanted to know if I had anything to add on their survey. Yes, this:

  • 815 days ago via site
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Nice surprise in my NYTimes email this morning.

  • 839 days ago via site
  • 83

Co-worker gave me a John Watson Bear!

  • 861 days ago via site
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Mount Hood? I took the picture through a port side window while flying from Boise to Portland...

  • 865 days ago via site
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Mommy likes it that the boys like each other.

  • 900 days ago via site
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I drew the name of a 19-year-old guy for our store's ornament exchange. I made these into ornaments

  • 913 days ago via site
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The State is hilarious

  • 916 days ago via site
  • 83

Co-worker rearranged the pins on our new bulletin board then said "I wish they were all yellow." #sherlocklives

  • 941 days ago via site
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The Google Fiber van is in my community right now. (One of Sherlock Dog's pee-mail stations is in the background)

  • 956 days ago via site
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I saved my sample ballot. In '98, this is how opponents stopped marriage equality in Hawaii.

  • 961 days ago via site
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A mosquito is trying to get at Pez Dwalin's nose

  • 974 days ago via site
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These are my nerd equivalent of big game trophies

  • 980 days ago via site
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Hobbit Pez. Arrived in my store yesterday, then made an expected journey home with me

  • 985 days ago via site
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Sleepwalkers has got me reading bits from all of these too. Most varied collection of impulses from one book ever

  • 987 days ago via site
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Vet said try not to let Sherlock Dog scratch his left forelegpit. So I'm trying

  • 993 days ago via site
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I am so thrilled by this accomplishment that I'm not going to put quotation marks around the word accomplishment

  • 1002 days ago via site
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This story of a gay RUSSIAN composer changed or greatly influenced the trajectory of my political & religious life

  • 1052 days ago via site
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The culprit. His corrosive crimes and the Pipe-Man-hunt costing $(OnePaycheck+200). So far.

  • 1073 days ago via site
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