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Is it wrong that I sort of want this?

Me and my favorite girl

In case you couldn't tell from the other pic, I give you my profile.

Especially for

Wish you were here !

Damn right I did. #IVoted

Aren't they adorable?

I blame

We are moving!!!! Tomorrow - Bahamas!

Waiting for the bus to take us to Port Canaveral

She is so in love with the poles on the bus, I'm pretty sure she's destined to become a stripper.

Presenting Isabella Garcia Shapiro!

My entire life has been made!

Oh yeah, time to bust out the Halloween shirts!

I'm so happy!

Perhaps Dr Shanker would have been better as a prison doctor

Poor monkey

She fell out of a wagon, knocked one of her front teeth loose but thankfully didn't bite thru her lip.

Strawberry shortcake nearly as big as my head. And I ate the whole thing.

Look at my grocery store!