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Used 2 B Budget Chief. Now 'I'm just sayin' is all'...

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Super hosting at EcoBunk. Jane passed the hat to dare Franz to get a Brazillian & grow a beard.

Todd presents: Scottish Brew Dogs!

Ang Kinnear & Todd Irvine present @ EcoBunk. AND silent Auction rocked high bids.

Here's a better digital version. Blue object promotes Guy's cause "One Drop". Look it up.


Guy Laliberte promotes 'One Drop' with a couple of old Works Comm members.

Chatted with Bev Sammon, frmr TTC Commish about rte 162.

North York crowd for TTC.

Cut Police (non-service), reverse all other cuts, says this senior citizen. City Hall #TOBudget

Toring the Hall with Vision Youth.

Kennedy, Junior Roller Derby needs her bus routes. ALL OF THEM#TOBudget

Woodgreen Comm Services Vice Chair adds to Bedbug plea.#TOBudget

Councillors, Sharon can talk to YOUR community and MPP about solving Bedbugs. #TOBudget

Sharon Younger told us 3 yrs ago to spend money on BedBugs. True! God help me, I was there.TOBudget

Effie: FMTA has increased caseload. Can't absorb tenant advocacy demand.#TOBudget

AGO youth council want $25 per capita for the arts. This youth lives in Scarborough. #TOBudget

TOBI recommends for 2012: "Residents' opportunity to question staff on Budgets. #TOBudget

Neethan says CASSA wld support shelter work, No Motels Please. ##TOBudget

Jordan Froese:Sooner or later we need to pay taxes for services. #TOBudget

Vanessa Hunt, YorkU Student Fed. Save all routes AND Transit City. NYCC #TOBudget

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