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I'm under the delusion that I'm clever.

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is a genius.

In case you were wondering what I've been up to at the new job. Hint: NOT being pooped on by ferrets.

I love my krimus wrapping paper. It has all my babies on it.

You'd better be hanging those stockings with care...AND PUT NOMS IN THEM! GIVE ME THINGS!

Soggy happy Bulldogs. #HailState

Gators On A Plane II: Now It's Declared For Death!

Fuck. This.

Zoe sleeping in C's robe...while he is in it.


Girlfriend taking me to dinner. Got to get sexy so she can show me off.

Just when I think I can't be any more of a dweeb this happens.

is my bitch

I'm only flirting....

Tho 2 weeks late, pls dont underestimate the awesome complexity of this picture. Frozen bananas indeed.

Worst picture ever

Bella Britches might need to think about doing this professionally. College = paid for.

I've been grafitti-d.

Yes, yes we are.

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