I'm not crazy. My mother had me tested.

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Making a bit of a fashion statement with ny flowery runners and spongebob socks.

Seriously though myself and are artists.

Seriously though my bed looks so inviting right now I want to crawl into it and never leave.

Yer looking good hanging up on the walls in my college ;)

As does

- makes a good cat.

My aunt gave this to me yesterday for my 18th birthday present.. I turn 20 next month :P

Classy moth...

March is most definitely my new favourite month.

Yummy oreos... Oh wait

So I got the best post ever this morning.

Wanted to document how cute this little guy is before I devour him.

So cute #omnomnom

And the thing that is going to ruin my social life.

My new baby.

So christmasy it hurts a little bit.

Good thing I got him such an educational present!


Chilling in the school of media playing with Mr potato head. I love college.

I am super professional.

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