A painter geek who plays on a Mac, creates art, has a laugh, amuses the cats and eats good food whenever I can. I'm also @GigiGiraffe's Ranger.

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Did this for fun today. Yay sidewalk arts festival.

at the local paint store and i saw this. for some reason this reminds me of you guys!

This is how robot domination begins.

We did this jigsaw puzzle over the TG weekend. Now we're trying to figure out who this Peanuts kid is. Help?

it was!

So I'm supposed to send this to

Moonrise at the beach.

They were trying to lift a ton of tree. Lucky the stump kept the tree from crushing the operator.

The truck actually fell over when they lost control of the crane.

The city dropped a tree and truck on my car.

The Air Force did a flyover for the Anthem at the Bobby Cox tribute.

Tribute to Bobby Cox for 25 years of Braves managing. Nice.

there were like 6 kinda of butterflies!

try this. Mexican sunflower.

how's this?


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