Angelina J'Heauxlie


Chief Intercepter of dispatches from the Pissy Pallet Delegation and the Caucuses of Granny's Menthol Scented Wig Closet. Namasté, baé.

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RT : women using dial soap on their sugar bowls #HeyBoo

And yet...(see time stamp)'s STILL HERE.

And it's still here....

Still here.... RT : well i deleted it , i wouldnt laugh about it . i have kids of my own !

It's not deleted. RT : i just said i clicked the wrong name ! dont do that

Check this out...found this album in the record store today!!

RT : Twitpic yourself at the moment.

this is now...

Hai doe.

Beautiful brown full of talent and such a kind heart...gone.


RT : If you have an iPhone, #AskSiri "What airplane is flying over head?"

When baé slip a finger in your butt..

This is really beneficial info. Check it out guys!

Pear. RT : What's your body type?