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Pub time boooom

Just finished a nice two hour walk along the beach and in the woodlands. Absolutely shattered now.


What the hell kind of egg is that? #slacking

It took me way too long to get up this big ass mountain #gta5

dinah, I'm giving you the responsibility of naming this chicken. Choose wisely

your new bestfriends xo

At firs glance I first this was Sarah Jessica Parker ahahah

Forgot to tag the picture in my last tweet. Clever.

This chicken is so fucking cool, what the hell.. Look at it. I'm naming it Khaleesi. #badass

Are you kidding me?! How am I supposed to watch hockey now!! Wtf!

Best way to spend a Saturday night. #turnup

Monopoly Pokemon style.

This is seriously the coolest location.

Shit I am scared. #filming

Like an American - #filming

Do do

Wtf is this scanner thing tesco

Don't know why I'm watching RHOA.

selfie in the sun xo