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How can people say sky is the limit ? When there's mothafuckas that touched the moon .

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Love the fresh white tip:) no tacky shit

I love you christmas

Napping tgthr #truelove

And the christmas cards begin! Developing Bentleys santa pictures to go with :) #yay

Bentleys " king " sized bed. #lovemybaby to death. He stays #fresh. #everythingbig

gurantee you my dog lives a better life than the majority of you. #spoiledashell.

My new bitch #lovehertodeath

My poor baby, won't move from this spot. #suchacutie.

Merry christmas everyone. #dontworry it was only on him for 1 minute. #noanimalabuse so fuckoff

Bentley = my life.

Guess what time of year it is? Ugghhh omg so beyond excited for this right now.

She makes my day every morning.

#orthodox braclet from a my gf.She told me I will be protected if I wear this. Lord knows I need it.

My wittle man. #baby. #loveofmylife. Cutest wittle guy.

The reason why I love coming home.

I hate when you start feeling sick. Head poundin,eyes are heavy. This is my breakfast dinner &lunch.

She makes me smile every morning. Wants to know when I'm safe at work. #loveherwithmywholeheart

I love him.

Caught red handed. Bentley is a smart mofo. Sits there and waits for someone to give them food.

He say I look the best with #nomakeup on. Me and my widdlee baaby boy out for the night.

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