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Ex-Airborne Ranger, founder of game enthusiast website, and military gaming charity!

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Hey, don't dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back, lady.

Apparently the Assassin perk suits me kindly, thank you very much. #MW3

Raid on Best Buy for charity purchases. Total time? 14 minutes! Score!

The devil on my shoulder says I should keep this and not send it to reviewer #hardrightovertheeasywrong

Crazy guy in front of Starbucks, smoking and screaming at the ground. Looked like a homeless #lol

SO glad we have a PR team to make sure things get routed properly ;) I'll get this in the mail to you

Left behind on the lonely train ride back to SeaTac international airport #PAX #IsItOverAlready?

First Skiing, then Forbes, now this? Someone is screwing with me :).

Blockbuster where? Gamefly what? #Redbox near my house!

Codename LITTLE HAMMER on its way to Iraq, thanks to !

care package "Companion Cube" on its way to Afghanistan thanks to the ladies of !

Keeping the 360 achievement a day steak alive in a Chilis in LA.

Here's where all the hipster snarky magic happens: the #E3 press room!

Time for the #Ubisoft presser!

Two corporate sponsors announced in one week? and check the picture for numba 2!

I'm taking care of a little something before I jump in this morning w #FTGFounders.

Nice parking job there, jerky.

Son of a...I never thought I'd see one of these.

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