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Awesome's incomplete without ME! ;) I could occasionally be found on @ShashaSeroy :) #iAmLonesomeLoser

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Blood on my bedroom floor... Just a small fraction of the amount of blood I lost tonight! -,-'

`Prevention is better than cure!

My new music player... Baby's really loud! She's perfekt!!! ^_^'

Oooooooh... *0* I want!!! *0*

Well, I'm excited about lights right now... xD

Dance of lights! ^_^'

Another... Without the reflection! =)

Lights!!! =D (Ignore the reflection of the cars in the mirror)

Hahahahahah!!! OMG! I'd love to know who took this! Bloody eejits! xD

Awww... So cute! =')

Playing some battle game with my nephews... Don't ask! lol xD

Caught in a traffic jam, and the weather looks like shit! -_-'

God bless y'all! Yes, I'm aware that it's my hand. No, I don't think I'm God. Just love the pic! ;D

Bloody eejits! They got my name wrong! It's -SHANA-! Lol #JK

Saw a piece of paper lying on the table, found a pencil next to it, and this is what I ended up with, #TH! ^,^'

#AlienToLove!!! Written in mirror image.. ^_^'

Another #random doodle.. #AlienNation!

Play Safe! #Random doodle.. Got tired of reading, couldn't give my full attention to the book!

A piece of art by my sisters, Billie & Ritz, & myself. Fooling around with crumbs & this is what we did! #Recap #Diwali

Just Do You! #Random

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