I play video games with people and do absolutely nothing of importance, except video games. Also cars.

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Lawl. Done with a random spear. I don't even like it.

  • 1863 days ago via site
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Progress on.. something... I dunno really.

  • 1863 days ago via site
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Made another tech-y something. I dunno anymore.. Lul. At least I CC'd the circuits and glow though.

  • 1864 days ago via site
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Yay, my Mana Pulse Rifle is done. <3

  • 1865 days ago via site
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Whew this is taking a while to get right. Here's my progress on the Rifle so far. No shading or clean ups yet.

  • 1865 days ago via site
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Quick piece of the lineart of my new thingy. Now back to work. /pewf

  • 1865 days ago via site
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Made.. I don't even know, I was just bored.

  • 1868 days ago via site
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I haven't played MQ in so long I almost *Cough* forgot how good I look. *Cough*

  • 1868 days ago via site
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New thingy I'm making. Bonus points if you know what it is, it isn't too hard to guess though.

  • 1870 days ago via site
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Dis is Benny, he haz no friends. Pls be nice to Benny.

  • 1885 days ago via site
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Here's yours finally, use full size before you save it that way you get the transparencies.

  • 1888 days ago via site
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Here's your fries. FULL SIZE GO GO GO!

  • 1890 days ago via site
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Since I was bored, I finished off AE's Doom weapon set by adding a bow to it. Perfect for any Ranger who happens to be a DoomKnight in his/her spare time!

  • 1891 days ago via site
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So ya, newest thing I'm making. Bonus points if you can guess what it is.

  • 1891 days ago via site
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I dun care what you say.. Ya'll jelly of my leaked Saints Row: The Third trailer.

  • 1894 days ago via site
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Meh, made a quick scythe (about 30 minutes) to go with the daggers I made last night. I <3 boredom.

  • 1895 days ago via site
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Couldn't sleep last night so I made these in about 45 minutes.To be fair, I was half asleep when I made them.

  • 1896 days ago via site
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Here's your plushie.. those glows killed me. c:

  • 1897 days ago via site
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Is that about what you wanted for the hair? (Minus the fact there's no shading yet.)

  • 1898 days ago via site
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So, I was bored and turned into a plushie! Drawing all those feathers is going to give me nightmares. :o

  • 1898 days ago via site
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