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Okay well.. Here's my progress on this so far. I redid the handle and blade, and added more detail on the hilt.

  • 1430 days ago via site
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Done with the evolving sword, might do an evil counterpart eventually, but not tonight. :o

  • 1431 days ago via site
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Decided to throw most of my recent weapons into one picture. I still like the spear the most. :o

  • 1431 days ago via site
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The set is almost done finally, the only thing I have left to add is a quiver. Which I'll do later.

  • 1434 days ago via site
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..And then I decide I don't like it and do something else. Now I'm happy with it. Kinda.

  • 1434 days ago via site
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Quick size comparison on the weapons, along with a slightly updated version of the frostval armor.

  • 1434 days ago via site
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The frostval themed armor is finished. Unless anyone can think of things they'd like me to add of course.

  • 1435 days ago via site
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Alrighty then. Done for real this time. I think...

  • 1437 days ago via site
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Sketching up a new armor :3
Don't worry, that belt is just a placeholder for other, multiple, useless belts.

  • 1439 days ago via site
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Added some daggers to the set because I somehow forgot to do that the first time.

  • 1449 days ago via site
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Okay, that's enough gold and shininess for one day.

  • 1451 days ago via site
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Plushie for .
Avatar(ish) sized with transparency in case he wanted it as an avatar/icon.

  • 1456 days ago via site
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Mostly finalized versions of the two new armors. Random bonus hair and a bow just because.

  • 1459 days ago via site
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Mostly finished version of the Wizard-y armor. Added a cape because why not.

  • 1460 days ago via site
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Working on a new armor.. The shading is just a placeholder, probably.
Hurray for fake lens flare in flash.

  • 1460 days ago via site
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Flashed 's staff while I was at a lecture.. I can change the colors and stuff when I get home.

  • 1460 days ago via site
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Finished flashing 's other weapon. Runes are meant to be CC, so I have a few colors shown.

  • 1461 days ago via site
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First weapon of a set that I'm thinking of starting. Probably gonna do a sword next... Maybe.

  • 1463 days ago via site
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Flashed version of 's End of Days. I like how it turned out, but man, the original is just amazing.

  • 1463 days ago via site
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Aaaaaaannnnd... done.

  • 1481 days ago via site
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