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And now here's the Adept version. As with before, various bits are still CC to eye color.

  • 612 days ago via site
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Finished the Soulweaver Apprentice. Various bits are CC to eye color. It's simple because.. It's an apprentice.

  • 612 days ago via site
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The Chrono-themed armor is done (and still has no name!), as is the random legion sword I started a while ago.

  • 613 days ago via site
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Okay then, I'm gonna call this done so I can work on other things. The old hood isn't gone, just not pictured.

  • 616 days ago via site
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Finished up my first real background/house design for DF. The circles are meant to be where you can place stuff :p

  • 621 days ago via site
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Rogue(Ish) set that I just made using only pieces of other things that I've already drawn. Turned out okay I guess

  • 623 days ago via site
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Very red plushie requested by , I've been doing too many of these lately so I'm gonna take a break.

  • 626 days ago via site
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Well, the armor was a bit of a challenge on this one... Requested by :3

  • 627 days ago via site
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Alternate version of 's plushie without the goggles.

  • 629 days ago via site
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Plushie I did as a suprise for because I was bored. Goggle version. :3

  • 629 days ago via site
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Animated version of the Whodriver just because I can.

  • 631 days ago via site
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..And here's a gif for the staff. Again, lost quality because of the gif, but here's the animation.

  • 631 days ago via site
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Made a gif for the sword, it lost some quality but now you can see the animation at least..

  • 631 days ago via site
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Two quick ice swords, a normal longsword and a rapier that I did for a warm-up (Pun not intended).

  • 633 days ago via site
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Alrighty, finished the two newer armors, and updated the frostval one with some fixes and an alternate helm.

  • 634 days ago via site
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[Insert description here]

  • 635 days ago via site
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Just a little Birthday present for .. I hope you have a great Birthday dude! :D

  • 635 days ago via site
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Okay then, this quick little thing is done. Not going to bother saying what it is, because you should know.

  • 636 days ago via site
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Finished today's scythe, water themed this time.

  • 638 days ago via site
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The set's all done (I hope!). Many thanks to for suggesting wood on the staff, it was a great idea!

  • 640 days ago via site
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