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Does anyone know of I can still get this edition of The Week??
#Syria #TwitPict

My new year resolution written on the street sign of my nickname sake restaurant! #2012 here we go! #TwitPict

"They say there was no live munition.. what's this then?".. a man holding bullet ends told me .. #Tahrir today ..

#Tahrir today ."i'm a government employee you know" the corn vendor told me as he handed me my grillled corn on the cob

#Tahrir today... Guevara's tent

Business may not be great in #Egypt but here in #Tahrir it's business as usual.

#Tahrir today .. crowds have definitely thinned down and street vendors are still there. What will this Friday be like?

Despite all the troubles Aya still insists on cleaning the area around her. And does it with a smile.. #Tahrir today

#Tahrir today ... 'made in Amreeka' this man told us pointing at his self designed necklace.

#Tahrir today. 'For the Sake of Peace'
'من أجل السلام' ... التحرير اليوم

#Tahrir now

Woman at Qasr El Dobara polling station Atmos was friendly n organised.In #Tahrir at end of the street sit in continues

w/ Rahim n Sherif both are protesting in #Tharir and #cabinet but only one voted
#egyelections #egypt

and NDI Mideast chief Les Campbell about his views so far from monitoring #egyelections #Cairo

with a group of voters"this is for Egypt we want good old #Egypt back" 1 of them tells us #egyelections

speaking to #MB member Waleed Haddad about events of the day #egyelections

Very long queue now at the polling station in Qasr El Aini downtown #cairo . #egyelections

speaking to a voter who's waiting for his wife infront of a polling dedicated for women. #egyelections