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After soaking up money for Nickelodeon, Spongebob's viewership is dries up. #infographic

Pancake recipe as Venn diagram.

Good time to buy? Census: Home-ownership rate drops to 66% #infographic

Good time to buy? Census: Home-ownership rate continues down #infographic

Federal Chairman and most of his colleagues showed little concern when house prices started to decline in 2006.

Yahoo considers shedding assets in way that avoids $4 billion in taxes. (WSJ graphic) #infographic #dataviz

A shrinking overlap between Dems and GOP on roll call vote shows widening divide #infographic #dataviz

You've seen those Binder & Binder ads. (Wall Street Journal graphic) #infographic #dataviz

BLS reports: number of mass layoffs ticks up to 1,331 in November #dataviz #infogrpahic

Euro zone countries are increasingly breaking their deficit limits. #infographics #dataviz (wsj graphic)

Labor Department: Unemployment rate down in 281 of 372 metro areas #infographic #dataviz

The U.S. economy gains strength while Europe falters #infographics #dataviz (wall street journal graphic)

Latest jobs news: Unemployment drops to 8.6%, 120,000 jobs added in Nov. (WSJ graphic)

The meltdown in the Fukushima Daiichi reactor was greater than previously indicated #infographic (WSJ graphic)

Growth in the World Economy will be sustained by the non-OECD countries

A drawdown in inventories led to yesterday's revision to GDP #dataviz #infographic

22,000 runners expected to use the Staten Island Ferry to get to starting line on Sunday. (Wall Street Journal map)

Federal officers use "stingrays" to locate cellphones in investigations (Wall Street Journal graphic) #infographic

Russian pilots braked on takeoff in crash that killed hockey players (Wall Street Journal graphic) #infographic

Greece's borrowing costs skyrocket above other Euro-zone countries. (Wall Street Journal graphic)