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Look at this and weep Twitter chums Clotted cream mash ... I am in Devon after all... xxx

here's a picture of Muffin to amuse you on your journey xxx

bless you. Here is a pic of my Muffin to help you get better xxx

back atcha xxx

you getting a kitty Lisa ? Xxx here's a pic of mine

It's been a while since I posted a pic of my darling Muffin so here she is on my lap right now xxx

I bought this one for a wedding last year & love it. Currently just stroking the frocks in the shop :) xxx

blue Burmese Millie & Muffin. Here they are separately xxx

blue Burmese Millie & Muffin. Here they are separately xxx

Millie and muffin - theyve only ever done this once xxx

heres my Muffin taken yesterday. I think she looks like a bear xxx

My little Millie just now

my girls' ears make up in softness what they lack in size. Have a snuggle xxx

I'm so very very sorry my lovely. Here's a picture of my kitties sleeping now to soothe you further xxx

I've not got a camera on my lapdog :(( Millie has got off chest and both are snuggled beside me now xxx

a picture of Millie to distract you sweets. Huggles xxx

we're all well TY Kitty. Will take pic so you can see. Here you go. How's your M&M ? Xxx

and my cats Millie and muffin xx