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Esports journalist for Cyber Sports Network/ WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 contestant/ Too Legit to Ragequit B)

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Family vacation at Niagara Falls! :D With my cousins Katie & .

This is how my roomie and I watch #WCS. B) #SC2 http://wcs.battle.net/sc2/en

In my haste, I made a terrible mistake. :( #seltzerplz

Polt...The People's Terran The whole audience was on their feet with his victory! #MLG #SC2 #USA

CLG fan-signing.... It's its own event. O.O #MLG #LeagueOfLegends

Rushed to the end of our kayak route to avoid a sudden storm! :O Sheltering under a bridge waiting it out.

And the protesting begins... :( Cinnamon insists that my suitcase has a compartment for cat travel.

Met a handsome gentleman named Dumper who likes to chew on giant plastic gutters. :3 #FamilyReunion

Swedish concept of breakfast: I was not made for this kind of decision-making in the morning.

Let's try that again... I love you, Sweden! :D #DHS13

I love you, Sweden. :D xxxxxx #DHS13

#DotA2 "We're gonna need a bigger booth." :l #DHS13

My gift bag from #E3 has saved my life about 6 different ways since I got to Sweden. Mucho gratitudo!

#DHS13 opening ceremonies techno and light-show. :D

Finally getting a chance to explore the #E3 floor! :P

Got caught swooning over Defiance/True Blood hunk Grant Bowler at the booth today. :P

Happy 2nd Birthday, ! #E3 #ESPORTS

And so it begins. :D #E3

You act like I don't have two screens, Ben.

"To bake a cake, you will need a mixer and some Cinnamon!" :) #TextsFromMyMom