Whatever you think I said, I was probably being sarcastic. Except when I said you're brilliant & gorgeous, then I was being serious.

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The kids are really happy to be involved in this playground design process! #LetsPlay #paid

Some are a little more, um, freeform... #LetsPlay #paid

Some of these playground designs are very realistic... #LetsPlay #paid

The little playground designers at work! #LetsPlay #paid

I'm not even sure what this means.

The girls are trying to hide from Jake at the Super Bowl party. Not successfully.

I see a KITTEH!

I've finally come to the PITA part of making Thin Mints: dipping them in chocolate.

The Thin Mints are almost ready for dipping. I shld open a test kitchen.

Wow. Thanks to Schwan's I've got a rough weekend of tasting Italian entrees ahead. :-D #Samp

I'm having a friend over for lunch. I think my friend is going to be very happy w/lunch. :-)

Crystal Bowersox being completely awesome. #Blissdom

My strawberry yoCrunch was a perfect afternoon snack, thanks! #Blissdom

My mommy always said it was true, but I didn't believe it until a cookie told me. Thanks, #Nestle! #Blissdom

Mat Kearny is making fun of us for tweeting. So I'm tweeting. #Blissdom

There is pretty much no way I won't fall down this staircase b4 the week is out. At least it's carpeted. #Blissdom

1 thing we were missing at #CES is inside another thing we were missing at #CES. #Blissdom

It's features like this that separate the good hotels & the great hotels. Then again, I was sent to the wrong floor. #Opryland

I'm here! And it's just as beautiful as I remember. #Opryland

My flight to Nashville takes off in an hour, so if the weather cld control itself I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! #Blissdom