@SelenaGomez #1 fan | ily sel |The Wizards Return March 15 2013 8/7c | 11.22.13 WELCOME GRACIE ELLIOT TEEFEY! 6.12.13

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the originals!!!

been jamming for months to these :) ily!

#comeandgetit LOOK <3 what was ur fav part of recording C&GI? I luv so so so so much!! LOVE YOU SEL!

thinking of ur parody...& knowing Stefan Damon and the rest will fail.....

Don't worry I'm short to lol not to mention Austin's creepy stare in the background :p

guess what I'm watching...;) #mazing luv u guys!

what happened to your one less lonely girl, Justin?

will u tweet me plz for valentines day? I <3 u!!! Hope u Hav an amazing valentines day!!! <3<3<3 u!!!

Lol love u guys!

u don't wanna go to public me...

I'm Selena Demi Gomez Lovato lol I <3 these vids! "Let me show you around my room" lol

u guys should do these again.....I miss it...u guys are hilarious!My1stconcert was u Sel<3u

Pt2 this was the drawing didUget it? Plz lookat |IG its4u

Idk if u got it it's a note on the back of I drawing i made 4 u pt1

today's your lucky day!what fun stuf happened 2u 2day? Mines Feb2-maybe u could reply to me then?<3u!

For me..? No...I'm sending them to digitally :))

#breakingdawnlive thank u 4 bringing this world to life ... We <3 u

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