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Just a guy with a pressing need to make myself cry. Hence my Nats fandom.

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Meeting of the minds there at the mound. Where's Chase? Oiling his head is my guess.

How nuts does Swisher drive the clubhouse guy? He has 37 accessories on.

Well, at least it's a nice round number ::sigh:: I'm terrified to open it.

The search for the worst bottled alcoholic beverage has ended. (No wisecracks - it's the wifes.)

The dogs want to maul my wife severely right now.

Hey, Werth. Did you forget something? Maybe if you wore your glasses you could see Molina's pick-off throw coming.

That's right! Who cares about total errors and losses? Suck it, non Nats fans!

Well, if I kick my cat out of the house, it's nice to see he knows good housing when he finds it.

See, Casey... I think these instructions say snap the ball to me. Or... Maybe they say it's time for pancakes...

I may bust on your personality Zim, but love the shit outta ya. Congrats on your web gemmy award thing (& your tie)

Insert "A-Rod likes touching dudes" joke here. #arepeoplestillmakingthosejokes?

Dan Henderson would be more popular if he wore a mask, ala the Gracie killer.

Why yes, I have nothing to do at work today. And yes, I'm obsessed w/a certain 1st round pitcher. Don't judge me!

What in THE hell happened to this kid's hair? Or, again, am I just getting old? When's my Rascal scooter arriving?

Nothing like late night playoff baseball to keep my dog awake against her will #fb

More breaking news: Amphetamine use is alive and well in Minneapolis.

Braking news: Jean jacket found in Minneapolis.

Why does Japanese MMA rock? Because of entrances like this...

Came across this oxymoronic show title on the guide for tonight.