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Just a guy with a pressing need to make myself cry. Hence my Nats fandom.

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I was once traded for Josh Hamilton and a gold chain. Winner? ME! JUNK'S TIGHT.

Yes, it did take me 15 minutes to make this crappy picture. Mark Lerner is not happy with his location.

It's characters from non-big-three-network shows meme day! I'm sorry. #nats #rain #booooo

I think we all feel like Dawson today. Well, I do at least. (Also, screw you, Pacey.)

My new shirt will be Adam LaRoche's head on this guy's body, cause he scoops more than him.

Hey! I forgot the picture!

Spend majority of pre game here now. Should add carnival games. Like, Try NOT to take a walk against Garrett Mock

Guy sure knows how to impress the ladies (& me. Okay, maybe only me). #NatGio Get em here:

Beat Gio in rock/paper/scissors (he throws rock, like, all the time) but he won't let me take his start today :(

Danny got huge ups. Like, massive. Check this scientific measurement.

Here's a stupid pic I made for a stupid post that I never published cause it was stupid #Stupid #Futurama

She's playing hooky from daycare today. I wonder where she's going? Baseballbaseballbaseballbaseball.

"I just scored sweet seats to opening night. How much? $185, but it's worth it. Gotta go, found seat. FUCK!!"

Kid's dad pigeon-holed the shit outta him w/name. Can only do 3 things: play ball, be astronaut, be tv weatherman.

Found this picture of PTBNL Nats got yesterday - Ian Krol. HOLY GOD. He's a beast. #RizzoWinsAgain

Ohh, I get to re-use this picture. Happy day, A Com-ay (See, it rhymes that way! Ugh.)

Nobody brochures like America brochures. USA! USA! USA!

Even as a workhorse, still looks dreamy. #TodaysFiveMinutePhotoshop

Rod! ROD!! You're on Mars & NO ONE TOLD YOU! Put your space suit on before your eyes pop out! #TotalRecall?

"Hellooooo, ladies." #Spicy