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Just a guy with a pressing need to make myself cry. Hence my Nats fandom.

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Someone has good seats (cough, , cough). I need to send her a fear the goggles sweatshirt, though.

At hospital where wife just gave birth to this guy who'll throw 2 perfect games for Nats in 2038 World Series

Let's hope this works. #JesusChrist

I keep telling this kid, "Take #23 from Solano! We'll make millions!" Does he listen? No. No one ever listens...

This guys the biggest Ankiel fan on the planet. He's also frickin delusional.

"This guy here is dead." "Cross him off, then." #WeekendAtBerniesFavoriteBaseballStadium

Did I just hastily edit an already awful picture of mine from 2009? Yes. I'm sorry. #Harpocalypse

Well... No wonder this Puig guy is doing so well. MLB is letting him wear TWO super-magic-power-bracelets!!1!

Welcome back, cheater Chooch. #BooThisMan

Torn between better back to back shots. I mean, Zim & Werth were good, but... ANIMALS BE CUTE.

3 yesterday, actually. Here, have a picture!

No statement; just looking for clarification. Is that a brass knuckle tattoo? Knowledge of combat tools is lacking

Is this new/upgraded/whatever software gonna get this bug outta my Apple device? He's annoying. #WormsAreBugsRight

Did Clipp technically vulture a win last night? No, but dammit, it's been too long since this was posted.

Here you are, then!

I can't find it! I do have this, though.

I know, Davey. I know.

This guys a rookie, huh? Okay, cool. Imma just hit this pitch right her... Shit.

I'm worth billions, but this outfit screams GAZILLIONS. Holler at your boy, Marky Lerns. #represent

Now that they're outta there w/a win, it's OMG BRUCE BOCHY'S HEAD time. Bigger head: Bruce or this guy?