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European PR Executive at SEGA. Games Industry Outrun Champion 2012. Beat Master - . Opinions are all mine!

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Social Wordplay Experiment. Tea and Coffee = Toffee?

Ill, you may have won today but the fightback is on! Operation Get Non Ill / Freshen Breath commences! Yosssshhhhhh!

I've been universally slated in the office this morning for having my free o2 pie for breakfast. Is this weird?

At least they can admit it...(Surbiton Station)

Oh so we're comparing fro's are we?

Playing Saints Row The Third on my Xperia Play. #crunk

I think someone has violated your toys Chris...

AMAZING TESCOS REDUCED DINNER. Under a fiver for the lot.

Hmm tescos...that's an interesting deal you have there!

Next level beef fried rice / jammy dodger manoeuvre.

Out of The Yamazaki. Anyone want to grab me some more from Japan please?

Here's a funny joke: Surbiton station. Great that rail fares are rising in January too!

The best collection .

Crunk office find number one. Fact: the pharaoh is rendered real-time using a voxel engine.

Oh my god I actually own this canned drink.


Distant worlds concert with . Whaddya think?


Oh fuck off guardian, you pretentious bag of piss. What a scoop! Snore.

Biggest Pie Ever

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