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Stuti Mishra Day

Photo: ESPN's and Paul Loeffler lead the TV coverage of this year's #spellingbee.

Photo: Lena Greenberg of Philadelphia, PA, celebrates with her correct spelling "catallactics".

Photo: Parents rush the stage before competition begins - photo time! #spellingbee

Great photo: Speller 5, Sumaita Mulk of Goodyear, Ariz., spelled her first semi-final word correctly. #spellingbee

While we're in break, here's one more photo of Lori Anne Madison during her packed-room news conference earlier:

Photo: Speller183, Nejat Alkadir, spells schadenfreude correctly in Round Three of the bee. #spellingbee

Photo: Spellers big and small meet on stage in Round Three. #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 71, Daniel Oster, spells paronomasia correctly in Round Three.

Photo: Speller 269, Lori Anne Madison, 6 years old, spells "dirigible" correctly in Round Two. #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 98, Jessica Davis, represents Metairie and New Orleans, La. She aced "haberdashery" in Round Two.

Photo: Speller 97, Caleb Miller from Calhoun, Louisiana, enjoys creating stop-motion animations. #spellingbee

Photo: Another international speller, Speller 90, Haruka Masuda, comes here from Chiba City, Japan. #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 89, Gifton Wright, is one of our international #spellingbee spellers. He's from Kingston, Jamaica.

Photo: Speller 85, Sabin Karki from Terre Haute, Indiana, says his role model is Stephen Hawking. #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 79, Gina Solomito, is a 4-year repeat competitor at the #spellingbee.

Photo: Speller 77, Aaron Manning, from Evansville, Ind. Aaron wants to meet someday. #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 71, Daniel Oster of Batavia, Illinois, aces his Round Two word "genteel". #spellingbee

Photo: Speller 69, Sophie Bergman, spells "iambist" correctly. #spellingbee At home, she runs her own non-profit.

Photo: Speller 23, Bridget Byerlee from Visalia, California, spells "poignant" correctly. #spellingbee