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I understand that you want to make up for sending me my stuff late, but I don't think I asked for this sticker Obama...

Thank you Tower 8 for improving my day! #candy #Halloween

These are PUMPKINS. I love Rainbow! Best children's hospital ever.

JFC! Took long enough. #TheCasualVacancy

This is me eating. Noms

My sister and me!

Dinner a la !

My umbrella bag is not living up to it's potential.

So I ordered my astronomy book online. This was with the book when I opened it. Umm... Okay.

It's Baby Michael! Doesn't make a cute kid?

Chicken. Cornbread. Hot sauce. High five to whoever set up this display, Giant Eagle.

I got this today. My life is basically complete. Yay Yu-Yu Hakusho!

You guys this actually is happening. I can't even right now. #FamilyReunion

This is the chicken I made for dinner. I think it looks horrible, but disagrees.

This is the story of how I died.

Found this while exploring with my little nephew Tommy. It's pretty.

So this is what's happening in Cleveland this week.

Jeffrey with baby Michael. Adorable.

Baby chickees!